Antoine Griezmann: The ordeal that affected your career!


In the report on Antoine Griezmann broadcast on M6 this Wednesday, we learned that an ordeal had influenced his career.

Apart from the surprise defeat of France against Finland on Wednesday, football fans could also see a report devoted to Antoine Griezmann. A report retracing his beginnings in football, but also the obstacles he had to overcome. Besides, an ordeal would have influenced his career.

This one is not that old by the way. It dates from the Paris attacks of 2015. Moment during which Maud, the player’s sister, was at the Bataclan when the terrorists were there. Fortunately for everyone, this one came out unscathed.

Griezmann’s uncle said about it: “We knew Maud was in concert, but we didn’t know where. I called Alain [Griezmann] during the match to say, ‘See what’s going on, have you heard from Maud? My sister would say, “I haven’t heard from me, I don’t know where she is. ”

As a result, the France team striker was hit and struggled to recover: “Antoine was hit. Then he asked her to come, to join her in Madrid to put her ideas back a little. Because she was always, always thinking about this. ”

A choice on the part of Griezmann, allowing him to give a turning point to his career.


Indeed, following this, his sister became his agent as Purepeople notes. The star’s maternal uncle says, “They’ve always been close. And she has always been his big sister. Like his second mother ”

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The latter, indicating the new role of Griezmann’s sister: “Maud’s first mission was to see how to put some order in all these contracts which represented a heavy workload for Antoine, because it required a lot of work. presence on his part, many shootings ”.

Before giving more details about his new job: “The idea was to analyze the contracts. Know how committed he was. For how long. And possibly see it rearranged according to the new wishes of Antoine and his sister “.

You now know how Griezmann’s sister became his agent.


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