Antoine Griezmann considered international retirement!


Football player Antoine Griezmann thought about quitting his international career a few years ago. We tell you everything.

Antoine Griezmann has already thought about stopping his international career!

What would football be without Antoine Griezmann? Lucky for us, we don’t have to think about it too much.

But be aware that the young player would have already thought of ending his international career. In any case, this is what one of his relatives confided during a report for the M6 channel.

Indeed, Antoine Griezmann would have liked to retire in 2018. A year that marked the world of French football with the victory of the Blues in the World Cup.

One of his uncles confides that the young player would have thought of stopping his football career. We have to admit that after winning the most beautiful of trophies we say to ourselves: what next?

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