Antoine Griezmann: Blaise Matuidi looking at your patch!


Blaise Matuidi looks back on Antoine Griezmann’s difficult situation at FC Barcelona. We give you more details!

Blaise Matuidi comments on Antoine Griezmann’s situation at Barca.

This is a topic that has been in the news for several days. Antoine Griezmann’s situation at FC Barcelona is indeed causing a lot of inkling.

In an interview with BeIn Sports, it was Blaise Matuidi’s turn to give his opinion on the subject. For the current Inter Miami player, Antoine Griezmann is going through a rough patch with the Spanish club.

He said Grizou should hang on and do his best to keep his place alongside Lionel Messi. “In Barcelona it’s not the same because he’s not in a position that he likes. “Specifies the former Parisian.

According to Matuidi, it is therefore up to the young Frenchman to adapt. “Lionel Messi takes up a lot of space but I know Antoine will hang on. »He adds confident.


Blaise Matuidi seems confident in the future anyway. For him, Antoine Griezmann will eventually find his place and “give the best of himself”.

It must be said that the situation of the young French in Barcelona seems very complicated. However, we have seen improvements in his last 2 games.

But this slight improvement is still insufficient in the eyes of Antonio Cassano. The former striker was indeed not kind to the young Frenchman.

Asked about FC Barcelona during a live Instagram with Chrisian Vieri, he didn’t hesitate to give his opinion on Antoine Griezmann. And it must be said that he does not seem very convinced. Oh no!

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For him, letting Luis Suarez go was a mistake on the part of the Catalan leaders. “Letting Suarez go for Griezmann was madness. Suarez old? He said.

“I don’t understand why they kicked him out. Then they had to put Griezmann as a center forward … “regrets the former Italian striker without hiding his disappointment too much. An opinion shared by some Catalan fans. Case to be continued.


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