An Antivirus Application Sent Notification to ‘Install Antivirus’


This morning, the warning sent to Phorpiex Botnet users stated that an antivirus program should be installed and the computer should be updated. However, since Phorpiex Botnet is a malware, this warning was thought to be an attempt to troll. The truth was very different.

Some users in the US today encountered an interesting warning page when they turned on their computers. In the common warning displayed on different computers, it was stated that antivirus program should be installed on the computer and the computer should be updated. The common point of users viewing this warning message was that they were using an antivirus application called “Phorpiex Botnet”.

Phorpiex Botnet is a malware support application used on hundreds of thousands of computers today. In fact, the problem was caused by this because users already had an antivirus application. But users who checked the status noticed that Phorpiex Botnet is no longer installed. This was originally considered a joke, but later it became clear that the job was not at all.

This confusing warning started to be reported by more users in a short time. This situation, which users interpret as an attempt to troll, was in fact a sign of a huge data breach. Phorpiex had somehow infiltrated Botnet’s systems, and these warnings were sent to computers.

Upon this incident, experts began to make statements one after another. Some experts have suggested that Phorpiex has a lot of competitors, which is why such an attack might have happened. However, according to some experts, the main reason for this situation was Phorpiex Botnet developers. Because, according to experts, the developer team was not doing the necessary work, and this was not the first time.

Phorpiex Botnet has been serving for more than 10 years. However, especially the events in 2018 broke the trust in Phorpiex Botnet. Because the inattention of the developer team led the software to be sent to users whose malicious emails were not exactly predicted but were reported to be tens of thousands. The same software has now signed a big scandal.

The developer team remains silent for now and carries out the necessary work on the subject. However, if there is a large data breach behind this incident, the work of the Phorpiex Botnet team can be difficult. Because the problems experienced in 2018 had damaged the developer team both financially and morally.


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