Antidepressiva: War Meghan Trainor schuld an Rileys Zustand?


Meghan Trainor (28) talks about an extremely difficult time. The singer gave birth to her first child Riley in early 2021. But soon after the birth, her son had to spend some time in the neonatal intensive care unit: the baby hardly woke up to eat. To the delight of Megan and her husband, Riley’s health has improved. Now Megan remembers a big shock.

In an interview with the magazine Romper, the 28-year-old girl said that the nurses accused her of being responsible for her son’s condition. “They kept asking me if I had taken antidepressants during pregnancy, and I did — but at the lowest possible dose,” Megan said. The Grammy winner added that doctors assured her that the medicine would not harm her child.

Megan recorded how emotional the birth was on video last year. She shared the clip on Instagram and talked about her experience. The “All About That Bass” hitmaker also shared pictures of Riley in an incubator being cared for.


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