Anti-AMLO movement holds sit-in in CDMX


After members of the Anti-AMLO movement held a sit-in in Mexico City to demand the resignation of the president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador himself called on them to make this request through the “democratic route” in the referendum to revoke the mandate scheduled for 2022.

And it is that last Saturday, members of the National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAA) held a march to demand the resignation of López Obrador. They left the Monument to the Revolution and their destination was to reach the Zócalo in Mexico City, but police from the capital prevented their passage, so to demonstrate their dissatisfaction they held a sit-in on Avenida Juárez, in front of the Palacio de Bellas Artes, where they installed tents.

“They can wait until then and summon the people and those who are against our government to participate and vote,” the president, whose presidency must end in 2024, said at a press conference, if the people do not provide otherwise in the consultation. popular.

FRENAA called on Saturday and Sunday demonstrations by car through the center of the Mexican capital to demand the resignation of the president and later several members organized a sit-in with tents in the street.

“It is a peaceful, civil movement that is not going to carry out a coup. So there is an established procedure that we created that did not exist before. That of the revocation of the mandate, ”López Obrador said this Monday in reference to the referendum that he intends to call for the first quarter of 2022.

He also recalled that in June next year the Chamber of Deputies and 15 state governments will be renewed, so “they can group together and seek to stop the transformation by peaceful, legal and democratic means in the elections in June next year.”

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“That they stay to sleep”

The president also took the opportunity to invite the members of FRENAA to stay to sleep in the tents they planted, after videos of many of the empty tents circulated on social networks during the night.


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