Anthony Scaramucci Launches UNLOX Initiative for Crypto Adoption


SkyBridge CEO Anthony Scaramucci launched the UNLOX initiative to expand adoption of crypto assets.

According to CNBC’s report, Scaramucci has launched a $250 million fund after his partnership with NAX.

With this partnership, Scaramucci will initiate and also curate the UNLOX fund. Over several rounds, partners will raise funds.

This fund, which has been launched, will focus on asset tokenization in the field of securities, property and VC startups by large enterprises.

It is stated that the UNLOX initiative will also support NFT projects.

Collaboration with Algorand (ALGO)
The partnership will benefit from the Algorand platform. Scaramucci highlighted the technical superiority of the Algorand blockchain:

“Algorand will be the best at creating the backbone of financial services that institutions and companies need”


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