Anthony Rapp Breaks Silence on Kevin Spacey’s Court Loss


Over the past few years, the entertainment industry has undergone drastic changes. The #MeToo movement has started a broader discussion about influential men in the world of cinema by making a number of accusations of sexual harassment. Actor Anthony Rapp was the first to press charges against Kevin Spacey, which led to more being known, and Spacey was fired from his job at House of Cards. The two recently met in court, and Rapp broke his silence because of the loss in court against the actor of the “Seven”.

Back in October 2017, Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp gave an interview to Buzzfeed, claiming that Kevin Spacey flirted with him in 1986 when he was just 14 years old. his own civil case against the 63-year-old actor, aimed at a whopping $40 million. In the end, the courts ruled on Spacey’s side. Rapp spoke publicly about this for the first time at an event organized by The Meteor media company (Via Variety). The RENT icon was quoted saying:

The courtroom is not a safe place for injuries, that’s for sure. So I also deeply understand why some people don’t use this point of view. What is proof? How do you prove things? Part of the movement is respect for history, listening, reflection, retention, healing. You’re talking about these things. These things don’t necessarily interest the courtroom. This is not the only way. This is an avenue. I really wanted to take the opportunity to see what might be possible.

This is certainly an interesting look at Anthony Rapp’s recent legal battle with Kevin Spacey in court. While the outcome was certainly not what he had hoped for, he also acknowledges that the #MeToo movement is not necessarily aimed at a legal victory. Instead, he tells the truth to the authorities and shares his experience with the world, even if in the end he lost in court.

Anthony Rapp’s comments about Kevin Spacey’s comment came shortly after their time in court came to an end. He sued the “House of Cards” star for sexual assault, sexual battery and intentional infliction of emotional stress, demanding damages in the amount of $ 40 million. Spacey’s legal team tried to find holes in Rapp’s story, and eventually the jury found Spacey not guilty. Later in his recent appearance, Rapp explained his complicated feelings about the trial, saying:

I’ve heard other people tell me about other incidents they’ve experienced with Kevin Spacey over the years. I pushed my experience aside a bit because a lot of the stories I heard were even worse. Therefore, I did not think that my experience should necessarily rise to their level. I’ve talked to other particularly young actors—especially in Hollywood, maybe more than in New York. It was rampant. The lights are on enough and we hope it doesn’t happen that often to some of these very vulnerable young people.

This is another strong technique. Although Anthony Rapp may not have won the lawsuit against Kevin Spacey, his accusations eventually led to quite a few accusers coming out against the actor’s behavior towards them. Indeed, this seems to be a positive side regarding the outcome of the trial: we hope that such incidents occur less frequently with vulnerable young people in the industry.

As mentioned earlier, Kevin Spacey was eventually fired from the role in House of Cards, and he was largely absent from the professional level in the coming years. And although he won the trial against Anthony Rapp, in the UK he was charged with assault on four different counts. It remains to be seen how it will end, and whether Spacey will eventually be found guilty.

Anthony Rapp continues to star in Star Trek: Discovery, continuing his successful theatrical career. As for Kevin Spacey, he has a few limited films coming out. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie—just don’t expect to see any major cars for the “American Beauty” actor.


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