Anthony Bridgerton will be the main character; no daphne


Daphne’s (Phoebe Dynevor) dramas and intrigues in Bridgerton with the haunting Duke of Hastings kept audiences enthralled, but if the show continues to follow the books, season two will bring Anthony’s story to the fore.

Each book in the series focuses on a different sibling, the first book telling Daphne and Simon’s love story and the second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, showing the romance between Anthony and a woman named Kate Sheffield.

The story also reveals that Anthony’s aversion to love is not only related to his lack of love, but to his fear that he, like his father, will die at 38 years old. He plans to avoid love to preserve his wife’s feelings.

Anthony has already been presented as a complex and layered character, and these story lines will enrich the story. Seeing how the tension between Daphne and Simon was resolved, it makes sense for the show to move on to other aspects of the Bridgerton family.

The show drew details on supporting characters, pulling together numerous plots to create a dazzling array of interesting and colorful people who wowed audiences.

The method of featuring multiple members of the Bridgerton family at once is when the show shines, and bringing the spotlight to the intriguing character of Anthony is sure to be a hit.

The older son is attractive, sophisticated, insecure, and determined, all of which make him a supportive and understanding character. Bridgerton would do well to give the public more of Anthony (Jonathan Bailey).

However, it is not certain that Netflix, as well as the writers, follow the original stories as happened with Bridgerton season 1 although it was something that captivated many viewers and fans of the series.


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