Anthony Anderson was an invited guest for Jimmy Kimmel and joked hilariously at the Emmys for ignoring the last season of Black-ish

The list of nominees for the 2022 Emmy Awards was finally unveiled yesterday, and there are plenty of shows vying for gold this year. The comedy categories are particularly diverse, as they feature such popular shows as Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary and Barry. However, one sitcom that didn’t fall into any of these categories is the ABC black—and-white series, which ended after eight seasons earlier this year. Of course, series star and producer Anthony Anderson is well aware of the snub, and when he was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he hilariously mocked the Television Academy for ignoring his show.
Experienced comedian Anthony Anderson is always ready to make a joke, even when the situation does not turn out the way he hoped. The star who replaced Jimmy Kimmel live! previously addressed Emmy’s black disparaging remarks during his opening monologue. At the same time, he humorously outlined his logic of why the series was skipped, and referred to several other noteworthy shows to prove his position. And his thoughts definitely caused laughter from the audience in the studio, including his own mother.:
Look, I don’t want to spoil the mood, but I have complaints about the Academy. Do you know who wasn’t nominated for an Emmy Award this morning? America’s favorite. Me. That’s right, I’m Anthony Anderson—like my show, blackish, or my co—star Tracey Ellis Ross. Can you believe this shit, Mom? Look, I’m not saying the voters were stupid not to nominate me, a black man, or Tracy. I’m saying they’re racist. And do you know what was nominated this year? Barry, a series about a murderer. And “What We Do in the Shadows,” a show about vampires who kill people. And “Only Murders in the Building”, a show about a podcast… about murder! So the blacks weren’t nominated, but we were named the main suspects in all these shows about the murders of white people.
The actor knew a little about who was most likely to be named a suspect in the murder. After all, he just played one season in the revival of “Law and Order”, and before that he starred in two seasons of the OG show. However, seriously, it’s honestly a little surprising that black hasn’t gotten any love for the wire season. In addition, Anthony Anderson also joked that another actor bearing his name was nominated for the award “Outstanding Actor in a Short Comedy or Drama Series.”
However, the barbershop graduate doesn’t seem so upset about Emmy’s lack of love. He continued to conclude this part of his opening speech with a cheerful consolation in another honor—one that he doesn’t really have, mind you.:
At least I’ll always have my Oscar for Jack the Kangaroo. They can never take that away from me.
Anthony Anderson is still well known for his role in the 2003 comedy, but I think his work on blackness will age a little better. The sitcom, created by Kenya Barris, debuted in 2014 and gradually became one of ABC’s signature shows. One of the best elements of this was the chemistry between Anderson and on-screen wife Tracey Ellis Ross, who were nominated for several Emmys during the show’s run. (Considering how natural they were, it’s honestly amazing that there was a time when Ellis Ross didn’t like Anderson.)
The series ended in April with the 175th episode of Homecoming, which had an emotional final scene set to a classic Steve Wonder song. Anthony Anderson and his co-stars had all the emotions reacting to the finale, as did the devoted viewers who reacted on social media. The last season may not have received a single Emmy Award nomination, but the work done by the cast and crew will remain a part of television history for many years to come. Aside from the funny jokes, I’m sure Anderson knows and appreciates it.
All eight seasons of Black are available for streaming on a Hulu subscription, and those who need a new show to watch after it ends can find it in CinemaBlend’s 2022 TV schedule.