Anthem unveils changes to its loot system


The BioWare title is in the process of being redesigned, so the team is focused on identifying the project’s problems. Anthem was not the success BioWare had planned. In fact, a year after its launch, a small team is trying to redesign all the systems to be able to relaunch the project, which is commonly called a version 2.0.

Christian Dailey, director of the video game, has posted an update on the studio’s official blog. In the text, he remembers that he has recently started answering questions from fans on Twitter, so he wanted to share some of the changes that they will implement in the future. In this case, they essentially focus on loot systems.

“A good gaming experience depends on the loot system being extensible and robust. There are many things that can go wrong and have gone wrong. We fell short and realized that creating something new from scratch would require in-depth analysis to understand what works in other major games. “Based on that research, along with your thoughts and feedblack, we planned a series of high-level goals and changes we wanted to make,” he continues.

I respect your time

  • Increase the frequency of loot drops.
  • Loot works better more frequently: all items are better and more competitive, but there is still an option to find something more exceptional.
  • All loot rarities have some strategic value that unfolds through progression.

Provide options

  • You can search for a specific loot item without relying on chance: quests, specialized vendors, and unique loot tables.
  • Modify your loot, which includes renewing registrations and an item level system.
  • Create a rewarding loot experience system
  • Loot feels exciting and is more visible when it drops. There is a gratifying feeling when it is harvested.
  • Rare enemies create exciting moments that allow you to get one loot set at a time.
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