‘Antennae Law’ Is Passed In And Can Benefit 5G


5G: The Bill (PL) that regulates the installation of telecommunication antennas in the city of São Paulo was approved on Tuesday (14), after a vote in the second round in the Chamber of Councilors. The new law seeks to expand access to mobile internet and mobile telephony on the outskirts of the municipality.

With 47 votes in favor and six against, PL 347/2021 was approved and followed for sanction by Mayor Ricardo Nunes (MDB). It will replace the old Antenna Law 13.756/2004, pointed out by operators as outdated, for making it difficult to install the necessary equipment to improve the signal in more distant neighborhoods.

The new Antenna Law proposes the installation of 286 antennas in different areas of the capital of São Paulo that present a lack of signal, within a period of up to 12 months, after changes in the initial text. This will be possible with the relaxation of some rules for the implementation of Radio Base Stations (ERBs) in these locations.

The PL, authored by the municipal Executive, also meets the needs of the Education and Health departments of the municipality. They have faced difficulties in carrying out distance learning and recording electronic medical records in the periphery, due to the poor or even absent internet signal in the areas that will now be benefited.

Regions served

With the approval of the updated Antenna Law, neighborhoods in the North, South and East zones of the city of São Paulo will be among those contemplated with the equipment. Jardim Angela, Marsilac, Santo Amaro, Perus, Pirituba, Tremembé, Cidade Tiradentes, Ermelino Matarazzo, Guaianases and Itaquera are some of them.

It is worth remembering that the installation of antennas on the outskirts of São Paulo still depends on the signing of the adhesion term by the operators. Another detail is that the PL should also facilitate the arrival of 5G in the city, as the technology requires a much larger amount of equipment.