Ant Ansted responds to criticism after ex Kristina Hall accused him of “false information”


The legal battle and public verbal altercation between Ant Anstead and his ex-wife Christina Hall, which began at the end of April when he tried to get full legal custody of their young son, has been heating up over the past few weeks. While the host of Celebrity IOU: Joyride’s offer of custody of their three-year-old child, Hudson London, was quickly rejected, he claimed that the “Christina on the Coast” star “exploited” the boy in “numerous paid promotions.” Now, after his ex-girlfriend said she was using “false information” against her, he is responding to his critics.

How did Ant Ansted react to criticism of his words about Christine Hall?
Although the HGTV star seems to have coped with the challenges of co-parenting with Tarek El Moussa (her first ex-husband) and his new wife, this cannot be said when it comes to her former master mechanic. He took a break for a few weeks to post photos of the boy, but recently returned to Instagram with pictures of them enjoying time with Ansted’s father. However, the photos caused a number of negative comments, and he responded to some of them.

When one person said: “You deserve all the shade you get” and wondered how his parents’ public brawl would affect Hudson when he was old enough to read about it online, his father replied:

He will read a personal letter that I wrote to her on April 21, a week before I stood up for him. She had 25 weeks to agree not to exploit him. Finally she has x

It seems to be a direct link to a post that Hall (whose new husband spoke out for her) recently shared. After he made it clear that he did not like it when his son’s mother posted her child in paid posts on social networks or in her shows, she told subscribers in early October that she “will no longer show Hudson on Instagram, my TV shows or any others.” on social platforms until he is old enough to make this decision on his own.” The future star of “Kristina in the Village” noted that this happened because Ansted’s “manipulation tactics” made her “mentally exhausted” and “had a great impact on me and my family.”

Many reacted to his photos, saying it was “unfair” that he was posting photos of Hudson suing the former Flip or Flop host for the same thing, and that he was a “hypocrite” and “duplicitous” for doing so. This led to him explaining several times that “She can publish as much as she wants,” which probably means that he is not really worried about family moments like the one he showed, but about everything that is used for advertising purposes. But it led to other comments that drew attention to his reports of a child with Radford luxury cars, a brand he is associated with professionally, to which he responded:

No one buys a supercar for 500 thousand dollars just because there was a hudzo in the picture. I didn’t even let him on the TV show (despite being asked many times).

If the TV presenter continues to publish photos of his son, it is quite obvious that he will have to respond to negative comments. But, since his ex has decided to stop posting Hudson’s photos altogether, it looks like his remaining concerns about her parenting are over, and it’s better for everyone involved.


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