Answer from Apple: Epic Games Asks Us Special Deal


Events escalated in the Epic-Apple fight, fueled by Fortnite’s bypassing the Apple payment system. While Apple said Epic wanted a special deal from them, the Epic side denied these statements.

In the fight between Apple and Fortnite, which is on the agenda of the technology world, the Apple side responded to the allegations made by Epic Games in court. Apple said in the District Court of California that Epic wanted to take advantage of its facilities at no cost to the App Store, the company violated its agreement with Apple, using its own users and Apple as leverage.

As you know, the fight between Apple and Epic started with Fortnite’s new update. Epic circumvented Apple’s interruption by bypassing Apple’s standard payment process. In response, Apple removed the game from its store. Epic, apparently prepared for this; He filed a lawsuit against Apple, organized an in-game event where he mocked Apple, and positioned the company as an oppressive monopoly.

Apple and Epic’s fight

Apple later threatened to hack Epic’s access to its developer tools, blocking Fornite and Unreal Engine from iOS, iPadOS and macOS platforms. Epic, on the other hand, asked for official orders to prevent the closure of Apple Developer Program accounts, saying that such a move would extend beyond the game world and affect developers using Unreal Engine in Apple products in many areas.

“Epic is seeking emergency assistance as a result of its deliberate actions. However, this ’emergency’ was created entirely by Epic,” Apple said in a statement on the issue. Apple stated that Epic knowingly violated the agreement between them and knew that it would have the most consequences.

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Speaking to The Verge, Apple executive Phil Schiller said Epic CEO Tim Sweeney wanted a “special deal” so that Epic could change its pricing on Apple platforms. However, as it can be understood from this point that the process has come, this request was rejected by Apple.

Epic CEO Tim Sweeney responded to this statement made by Apple. Sweeney, in a statement on his Twitter account, stated that Apple’s statement was misleading. Sweeney said in an e-mail to senior Apple executives on June 30 that Fortnite and other Epic Games software should have competitive payment options without Apple interruptions, and that the iOS App Store should have an Epic Games Store application. Sweeney also stated that they wish these options to be made available to all other iOS developers. You can read the entire e-mail sent by Sweeney here.


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