The hashtag #SehunStayHappy on Twitter is being used by EXO fans to encourage the group’s maknae, as some rumors circulate where they point out that Sehun would be going through bad times emotionally.

Many fans are talking about some behaviors that in the idol are not normal, nor go with their personality, for example, in the recent EXO comeback Sehun did not give any type of spoilers about the song or choreography as in previous comebacks, it was already a tradition that did.

In recent statements, Sehun confessed that it costs him a lot to eat and that he has drunk frequently, Sehun’s social networks are a bit inactive.

“And Sehun replied:” I think I’d like to go back when I was a baby, because I know a lot now. If I went back to a time when I didn’t know anything, when I could be without thoughts and sleep if I wanted to, eat if I wanted … I want try to live like this, so I think I would go back to when I was a baby ”

K-pop fans are always aware of the idols’ mood, a few days ago JB of GOT7 also worried fans by making public through Instagram that they wished they could feel happy.

Mental health is an issue that increasingly worries the world and K-Pop fans, who have already organized to sign a petition asking companies to take care of idols.


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