Another year without face-to-face E3


Without looking back, the ESA, Summer Game Fest and company have in 2021 the option to take advantage of digital appointments and better order the calendar.

It is not worthwhile for us to go through the list of everything that was done wrong during the long past summer of 2020, but to seek formulas so that, in 2021, the video game industry adopts a more orderly and convenient communication for everyone. The responses to the cancellation of E3 were accompanied by improvisation and, as in everything, in experiments there are things that turn out better than others. 2021 will not have a face-to-face E3 either, that opens the doors to new opportunities and methods to get the message across.

I have always thought that journalism should be wherever the news is, so I say in advance that I hope and wish that the Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, E3 and other international events will one day be the cradle of announcements, information and news. It would be absurd to fool yourself and think that everything will go back to the way it was before; I’m afraid not. COVID-19 has changed our lives in many ways, and some of them will make the big fairs reformulate, that the communication is reinterpreted and adapted to the new times.

We have seen that it is just as effective for a large company to produce a pre-recorded digital event and broadcast it on Twitch, as it is to travel to the other side of the world and reserve an entire theater for a conference. With the economic savings that it entails and with the independence in space and time that it derives. It is attractive, if we think about it coldly, because being the center of the news on your own allows you to forget about sharing the light of the spotlights with your competitors.

If consumers can be brought together, there must also be a point of union between brands

But we have to find a balance. If The Game Awards has found the excuse of handing out the video game’s most high-profile annual awards to present a powerful lineup of ads, ESA owes itself the responsibility to regain a position now compromised. Be it E3 or Geoff Keighley —who has already announced that this year we will have Summer Game Fest; always quick and fast — you have to agree on the marks.

I insist, it is not a question of black or white. It is hard for me to think of the ideal situation of having “the week” of E3, a week where the biggest gather to advertise their products; mainly because EA or PlayStation had been going their own way for years. But you have to convince the largest number of publishers that perhaps you have to find the most suitable moment for there to be a true video game festival. As much as it is digital, telematic and lasts a couple of weeks.

The world of mobile telephony is a mirror in which the video game must be looked at in this regard. Samsung, LG, Huawei and company are interested in announcing things at independent events, but it is also convenient for them to have a CES, to have a Mobile World Congress, because networking is a pillar for companies and allows the consumer, whom They must convince you that your product is worth it, try what you are advertising in an environment incomparable to the tranquility of home.


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