Another unusual TikTok stream is banned


When the devious licks current, which encouraged theft on the TikTok platform, caused reactions, a statement came from the company.


Social media applications such as TikTok, Instagram and Twitter bring together users and enable collective activities to be done in a virtual environment. So much so that you can reach anyone who has an account on these platforms, from people you met years ago but lost contact with, to your childhood friend. But social media is not as innocent as it seems.

A new trend emerges almost every day in social media applications, especially TikTok. For those who do not know the subject; The trend is for users to share activities that they repeat over and over again. So far we have witnessed fun and harmless currents. However, we also come across quite harmful things that cause people to harm themselves or the society. One more has been added to these.

The “devious licks” trend that encourages theft has been banned by TikTok

Streams usually do not have a specific target audience. Also, anyone can make it and upload it to their social media account. “Devious licks”, which has become a trend in a short time, is mostly performed among students. Users can see the sign, microscope, door, clock, etc. they see in their school. they steal public goods. They also share these under the name of “challenge”.

Although it seems to be for entertainment purposes, the “devious licks” trend, which caused the theft to become widespread, was banned by TikTok. A company spokesperson made statements to Insider on the subject. He stated that they blocked the content to deter users from harmful behavior. “We want our community to stay safe. We don’t allow content that promotes or enables criminal activity.”

It has been stated that more than 122 thousand shares have been shared about the “Devious licks” trend so far.


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