Another support for corona virus from Apple


While the Corona virus continues to affect both our country and the world, large companies are also very sensitive on the subject. Google recently launched its website about the corona virus. Apple also announced that it would help Italy a few days ago. Today, according to Tim Cook’s statement, Apple will distribute 2 million masks for the corona virus.

Apple will distribute 2 million masks for the corona virus!
The Corona virus continues to grow globally and take effect every second. In this process, many small and large companies take care to be sensitive. There are many companies and companies that commercialize the virus and use it for their own interests, as well as many companies that are very sensitive and careful about this issue. In the past few days, Apple CEO Tim Cook has announced that they will help Italy through Twiter. Today, he repeated the same aid announcement for the USA and European countries.

US Vice President Mike Pence said at a press conference at the White House that Apple will donate 2 million industrial respirators to help healthcare workers struggling with the corona virus outbreak in the U.S. and Europe.

Pence called on other companies to step in and donate more physical. Pence also asked N95 mask makers to be sensitive and donate to local hospitals nearby.

Following the announcements, 2 million mask donations for the USA and Europe were confirmed with the tweet sent by Tim Cook. The US government continues to emphasize that other companies should also approach the event with the same sensitivity.

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