Another suitor for TikTok has appeared! world giant


Apple recently showed up for the much-talked-about TikTok sale. According to the news, Apple started preparations to buy the social media company after Microsoft.

As it is known, US President Donald Trump stated that TikTok would be banned if it operates in the USA without being sold to a US company. For this, time was given until September 15. It is believed that many suitors will show themselves until this date.

Apple TikTok aspires for sale

News began to come for the sale of TikTok, the last sign of tension between the USA and China. First, there was news about the application related to Microsoft. However, in the new news, it is stated that a few companies will aspire for sales and Apple will be among these companies. However, the names of the sources that revealed the news were not shared.

Apple may have social media applications with hundreds of millions of users with the sale of TikTok. It was previously known that the company published advertisements over TikTok. Apple also has an official account. There is no sharing in this account, but 133 thousand followers show up.

The Apple front has not yet received a statement of confirmation or denial. Some sources talking about the issue stated that the company does not consider purchasing the social media application. The subject is expected to become clear in the coming days.

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