Another restoration disaster in Spain


Spain, which has been on the agenda with restoration disasters many times before, this time is on the agenda with the repair of a statue on the facade of a historical building. Judging by the result of the restoration, which is unknown by whom, there is no trace of the statue left.

A new one has been added to the ring of scandals in Spain, where restoration disasters do not end.

An attempt to repair a historic statue on the facade of a historic building in the city of Palencia, which was affected by the weather, ended unintentionally.

After the restoration, the sculpture, which looked more like a caricature than its old form, became a mockery in the country.

The local painter Antonio Guzman Capel, reacting to the “restoration”, which was at the top of the country’s agenda and made headlines, wrote the following on his Facebook page:

“It looks more like a caricature head than an artistic head found in one of Palencia’s most emblematic buildings.”
While another social media user likened the new sculpture to ‘sculptures made by children on the beaches’, another social media user likened it to ‘the shapes children make from dough in kindergartens’.

It was stated that the statue, which is located in the protected building dating back to 1919, which now houses the Unicaja bank, was removed during the restoration.

Trump has also been compared

Almudena Gonzalez, one of the local residents, wrote in her social media account that “the restoration made her want to cry”, “This is terrible. Especially considering all the great artists we have,” he wrote.

Some social media users, on the other hand, took their comments to a different point, sarcastically likening the statue to US President Donald Trump.

Who does it is unknown

It is not yet known who was responsible for the restoration.

He reminded this ‘restoration disaster’ of another highly acclaimed restoration attempt in Borja in 2012 in the northeastern Spanish city.

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Hz in a church in Borja. The restoration of the Jesus fresco was handed over to Cecilla Gimenez, an elder member of the parish rather than experts.

Gimenez tried to repair the 19th century art piece called ‘Ecce Homo’ (Here is Man) damaged by moisture, but the result was bad enough to attract the attention of the world.

Although the work called ‘disaster restoration’ at that time was on the agenda of the whole world, it attracted many tourists to Borja.

Another restoration disaster is in a church in the town of Estella in northern Spain, where St. The wooden statue depicting George (St George) fighting a dragon had been restored.


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