Another obstacle to Trump came from YouTube


YouTube announced in its post that the new video upload feature of Donald Trump’s channel was turned off for 7 days. YouTube cited the growing calls for violence as the reason for this decision. Calls for violence made by Trump violated YouTube guidelines, the company claims. For this reason, Trump’s last uploaded video was removed and the ability to add a new video to the channel was also disabled for 7 days.

Recently, Twitter permanently closed Donald Trump’s account due to its tweets. After this incident, which fell like a bomb on the agenda, Facebook and Instagram also followed Twitter, and Trump’s accounts were permanently closed. The development that has been on the agenda as of today proves that the embargo on Trump has grown like an avalanche. YouTube officials announced that they have imposed sanctions on Donald Trump’s channel over concerns about the rise of violent tendencies.

As of January 13, YouTube announced that it has removed the latest content uploaded to Donald Trump’s channel. However, the only obstacle to Trump from YouTube is not the deletion of the last video; Donald Trump will also be unable to upload new videos to his channel for 7 days. In addition, the videos on Trump’s YouTube channel have been sanctioned for an indefinite period of time. So, none of Trump’s videos can be commented on.

In the statement made by YouTubeInsider, the following statements are:

1.) As a result of our investigations, we took into account our concerns about increasing violent tendencies and removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s YouTube channel that violates our policy. Currently, the Donald Trump YouTube channel has 1 strike and the feature of uploading new content to this channel has been temporarily disabled for at least 7 days.

2.) Taking into account our concerns about the rising tendency of violence, we are permanently deactivating the ability to comment on videos on President Trump’s channel, just as we do with other channels in this situation.

While the waters in the US do not stand still, things are apparently not going well for Donald Trump. What kind of a process awaits Donald Trump and the USA from now on is a matter of curiosity.


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