Another new game that can be tried with App Clips


App Clips, which Apple introduced with iOS 14 in WWDC20, announced the possibility of using an application directly or as a demo, if available. The first game that can be tried without downloading with App Clips also appeared.

Try apps with App Clips without downloading!

App Clips stands out as an innovation that can be run on Safari, instead of downloading a full App Store application, and offers a full application download to the user after trying it. Early examples provided by Apple included ordering apps, scooter rental apps, or apps for setting up a device for the first time.

ios 14 app clips oyun

Game developer Firi Games has released an App Clip for space shooter games Phoenix 2. The App Clip can be played without downloading any apps by visiting the Phoenix 2 website on an OS 14‌ installed device and tapping the “Play” button in the banner that appears at the top of the screen.

After trying the demo version of the game with App Clips, you are automatically directed to the full version game at the end of the demo. According to preliminary research, this feature, which is also used in Android, is expected to become widespread in Apple applications and games with Application Clip features.


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