Another Marvel themed venue in Fortnite


The island of Fortnite is more and more like a comic book coming to life. A quick tour of the map makes it possible to spot the cemetery with the Sentinels in the X-Men, a large Ant Mansion, and the impressive Black Panther statue. Stark Industries, now the headquarters of Tony Stark’s company, has been added to the Marvel-themed locations that Fortnite players have seen in the game.

The additions to the game are not limited to the Stark Industries building located in the northwest of the map. Superhero themed boosters are also offered to players with the latest update. For example, Iron Man’s propulsion engines are among these boosters.

Enemies in the form of drones of Galactus are also added to the game. Players can use these drones as a weapon if they can grab them immediately after dropping them. It is possible to see the new elements in the video below.

The Marvel invasion for Fortnite began with the release of the final season of the game in August. The new season that brings characters such as Thor, Wolverine and She-Hulk to the game cannot be played on iOS devices due to the fight between Apple and Epic Games.

A series of concerts for three weeks is starting this weekend in Fortnite. Dominic Fike will give his first concert next Saturday.


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