Another key Steelers player left today’s game due to injury


The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered injury losses on Sunday afternoon.

Star receiver Dionte Johnson and star pass rusher T.J. Both Watts left Sunday’s preseason game against the Detroit Lions due to injuries and did not return. Watt injured his left knee and Johnson injured his shoulder.

Another one bit the dust when Damonte Kazi fell in the third quarter and held his left wrist. As a result, he left the game with his left arm in an air cast.

This is the second injury the Steelers have faced in the preseason. Karl Josef had to go into reserve a couple of weeks ago after he injured his ankle in Pittsburgh’s first preseason game.

The team will hope that all these three new injuries are not long-term, especially since the regular season is only two weeks away.

The Steelers are currently outscoring the Detroit Lions 16-3 as the fourth quarter is about to begin.

You can watch the rest of this contest on the CBS/NFL network.


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