Another interesting product from Xiaomi: Smart speaker


Xiaomi comes up with interesting products that it has released from time to time, this time the Chinese manufacturer came up with a smart speaker. For Xiaomi, which has produced countless smart devices from washing machines to smartphones, this product should not be too unusual. Details about the Xiaomi touch screen smart speaker Redmi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro are in our news.

Xiaomi smart speaker: Redmi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro introduced

This speaker has many features that differ from any other speaker on the market. We can say that the most striking of these is the touch screen. The speaker has a tablet-like user interface. It supports not only Bluetooth but also Wifi technology. The 8-inch screen is close to a tablet. XiaoAI, the smart assistant of the Xiaomi ecosystem, is also included in this product, unfortunately it only supports Chinese.

We can say that the battery capacity of the speaker is quite good. This smart speaker has a 4700 mAh lithium battery. This battery can easily offer 4.5 hours of use. One of the nice features of the screen is that it has a resolution of 1200 × 800. Sufficient resolution for a screen of this size.

Redmi XiaoAI Touchscreen Speaker Pro is designed to be used like a tablet in the kitchen, office or home rather than a musical experience.

This speaker will go on sale in China on September 8 with a price tag of $ 73.


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