Another Important Partnership From Ripple


Ripple, one of the leading blockchain-based payment companies, announced that it has signed an important partnership with the National University of Australia. The university’s law school will open two new courses on the legal effects of blockchain technology within the scope of the master’s program next year.

It is stated that the courses will be opened within the scope of Ripple’s Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) and support will be provided in the trainings. Ripple will focus specifically on the course content on the effects of distributed ledger technologies, cryptocurrencies and digital payments.

Use of Smart Contracts in Law
Although the university offers undergraduate level courses that examine the relationship between blockchain and law, this step aims to provide a higher education. The courses that will be opened will examine the possibilities of blockchain technology and smart contracts to automate and decentralize legal processes. In this way, it will be investigated whether blockchain can directly get a chance to use it in the field of law.

As mainstream audiences and new generations learn more about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, their use is predicted to increase.

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