Another iconic attraction in Disney parks will get a movie


Comic book movies are in fashion now. Movies based on video games continue to experience difficulties. However, movies based on theme park attractions were everywhere. Last year, we saw how “Jungle Cruise” became the first Disney movie related to a theme park that wasn’t called “Pirates of the Caribbean” and was an unprecedented success, but Disney is moving forward by developing another project based on the wildest ride in the wild, Big Thunder Railroad.

Deadline reports that Bert and Bertie, who previously directed four episodes of the series “Hawkeye” for Disney+, as well as part of “Our Flag means Death”, are currently in talks to create a film “The Big Thunder Railway”, based on a script written by Kieran and Michelle. Mulroney, who previously wrote “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows” and “Power Rangers” 2017.

Obviously, it’s still too early to build any ideas about what the Big Thunder Mountain Railway movie will be about, except for the fact that it will probably be a western, since this is the era that the Frontierland attraction is part of, and it will probably include a runaway train in at some point. Anyway, Bert and Bertie’s proposal has reportedly caught Disney’s attention, so the idea, whatever it is, has already excited some people.

This marks what could be the seventh project based on a Disney theme park attraction that is in one form or another in development or production. The new “Haunted Mansion” starring Owen Wilson and Tiffany Haddish is already due to open next year. This is the only thing we know exactly what we will get, but several more are in development.

They are currently working on at least two different films about Pirates of the Caribbean. In one of them, Margot Robbie will play a completely new pirate character, and the other will allegedly continue the history of the current franchise, although without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Disney also announced plans to shoot a sequel to “Jungle Cruise” after the great success of the first film in the era of the pandemic.

Also, Scarlett Johansson was on board to produce and possibly star in a movie based on “Tower of Terror,” and that movie is reportedly still moving forward despite the slight lawsuit drama between them. A couple of years ago there was also talk about the movie “Space Mountain”, but we do not know whether this project is still active or not.

While Disney has had more misses than successes when it comes to turning theme park rides into movies (see “Village Bears” and “Mission to Mars”), there have been big successes, and that’s probably enough to keep the idea going inside the Mouse House. And there are a lot of people who like rides from the source material, so if the movie can find a way to adapt the attraction, it will definitely have an audience.


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