Another Good News For Android Users From Google!


The Google Photos application, which was paid on June 1, is trying to gain the appreciation of users with its locked file feature.


Google opens many features that we encounter in new versions of Android, primarily on Pixel models. In fact, some features are exclusive to Pixel models only. As you know, the App permissions feature, which was recently introduced in Android 11, has expanded to more Android versions. Now, the ability to create locked files for Google Photos has become available to many models with Android 6 Marsmallow support.

Locked file feature finally arrived for Google Photos users

The ability to create locked files for the Photos application, which is among the important features we encounter in Google I / O, is also opened to other Android users. The technology giant announced that the feature it introduced at the developers conference will soon come to more Android models.

The Photos app unfortunately ended its unlimited space app on June 1st. The application, which currently continues to Pixel phone users, has caused many users to turn to alternatives. Maybe Google has introduced new features to re-engage users.

Extends the ability to create locked files with Google Photos to Android 6 users

It allows you to create hidden folders that are protected by additional security, such as fingerprint on the locked file name brought for the Photos application. Thus, Google provides users with extra protection for their private photos and videos. With this feature, the photos you have stored in the folder are removed from your main stream. So even you have to go to the locked folder and unlock the fingerprint to view the photos.

The locked file feature for Google Photos has been extended to smartphones with Android 6 Marsmallow. Accordingly, flagship devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 that marked 2014 will also have this feature.

As you know, the Google Photos application works on the cloud. It is possible to sync your photo folders to the application and free up more space on your smartphone. Google Photos, which previously gave unlimited space to all users, ended this application on June 1.


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