Another free game for a short time from GOG!


The times we spend at home with the Corona virus pandemic are getting longer. The easiest and most fun way to spend time at such times is of course playing games. So what do we do if there are not enough free games? Fortunately, gaming companies do not leave gamers alone in this regard. Here’s another free game from GOG: Symmetry

Manage the crashed spaceship with Symmetry
GOG only offers players a special simulation strategy and survival game Symmetry for free. Developed by Sleepless Clinic, Symmetry was launched in 2018. The game takes place in a retro-futuristic sci-fi universe where players manage to survive by crash survivors. The goal is to escape back into space by repairing spaceships.

Free for a short time
In addition, you need to monitor basic life functions such as eating and mental health while managing people. You must keep the ride under control while managing the crew of a collapsed spaceship. You should also ensure that they stay alive while trying to escape those who are actively trying to kill them.

This interesting sci-fi game is sold on Steam for 26.50 lira. If you want to play this game only for the weekend free of charge, you can find it here.

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