Another feature of Huawei’s new foldable phone was seen


Huawei’s new foldable phone is expected to bear the name Mate X2. This phone is expected to be a completely new device and be different from the Mate Xs, which follows Mate X. Documents submitted to China’s 3C certification board show important information about Huawei Mate X2.

Accordingly, the Mate X2 will offer 66W fast charging support. This means that Huawei’s new foldable phone will charge about 20 percent faster than its predecessors.

What is known about the Mate X2 is limited at the moment. The smartphone is expected to come with Wi-Fi 6 support and EMUI 11. It is stated that Huawei may prefer the inward folding approach, as in the Galaxy Fold series, instead of folding out of Huawei’s new foldable phone.

This means that there will be a screen outside of the Mate X2. According to one of the leaks, the phone will have a total of four rear cameras. When the device is folded, two more cameras will appear in the front. When the device is turned on, these two front cameras will not be in use.

Another claim about the Huawei Mate X2 is that the device will come with a pen. However, no concrete signs have been found yet. However, the increase in phone-related certificates indicates that the official announcement is slowly approaching.

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