Another error that infuriates users in Windows 7


Windows 7, which is still popular despite cutting Microsoft’s support today, this time with a strange error. The error in the legend operating system prevents users from shutting down their computers.

Windows 7, which has not compromised its popularity even though it has been a long time since the debut of Windows 10, has been facing a strange error for the past week. Many users on the Internet shared this error on their Windows 7 computer and asked for help.

According to Windows 7 users, users are faced with an error message saying “You are not authorized to close this computer”. The source of this error is currently unknown. But some users have found a temporary and informal solution to overcome this error.

Workaround to the error in Windows 7:
The solution to this strange bug that caused Windows 7 not to shut down came from a user on Reddit. This solution does not require any code entry or operating system settings. So any Windows 7 user can easily follow the steps below.

The only bad thing about this solution is that it is “temporary”. If you are experiencing such an error in Windows 7, you have to follow the steps below whenever you try to shut down your computer. Here is the suggested workaround for the interesting bug in Windows 7:

Create a new admin account. (If you have another admin account on your computer, you can also use it.)
Log into this account.
Now return to your own account.
You can now shut down your computer.
Unofficial solution:
The above steps can be a bit troublesome for users who want to turn off their computer every time. So again, a user in Reddit suggested the following solution to other users. Positive feedback was received from users who followed the solution step by step. Here is the solution:

Open ‘Run’ by pressing Windows + R.
Type ‘gpedit.msc’ and hit Enter.
Open the Computer Configuration> Windows Settings> Security Settings> Local Policies> Security options page in the Local Group Policy Editor that opens.
On the page that opens, double click on ‘User Account Control: Run all administrators in Admin Approval Mode’.
Check the “Enabled” option in the window that opens and close it.
Open ‘Run’ again using the Windows + R shortcut and type ‘gpupdate / force’ and hit ‘Enter’.
You can now shut down your computer.


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