Another day, another strange accusation of Kim Kardashian in photoshop


I think it’s fair to say that Kim Kardashian and most of the many members of her famous clan owe their enduring fame to two things: a constant presence on reality TV and the use of social media, especially Instagram. We like to look at the lives of the rich and famous, and Kardashian definitely gives us that on a regular basis online. But perhaps because most of the Kardashian star’s popularity is so focused on how she looks, fans have already blamed her for several strange photoshop mishaps, and now Kardashian is faced with another mistake that focuses on her neck.

What is the supposed failure of Kim Kardashian’s new Photoshop?

Kim Kardashian is very well known for using social media to showcase a number of gravity-defying images. Almost every time the founder of SKIMS takes a vacation or rests by the pool, she posts a photo so that everyone will suck up to her. But it also means that her sharp-eyed followers are always on the lookout for what seems to be a botched photoshopping, like when Kardashian seemed to get caught earlier this year, which made her already toned calves look smaller.

good. It’s… really weird. While I also don’t understand why Kardashian, the famous thinness, made any significant changes in the photos to make her calves seem smaller, the idea that she needs “traps”, i.e. trapezius muscles along the back of the neck and shoulders, to look smaller is even more stunning. It’s not like she has some giant muscular neck that we all look at and say, “Dude. Where did this tiny lady get such massive meat on her neck? Do necklaces fit her at all?

As shown in the video, editing really makes Kardashian’s neck even more graceful, and I can readily admit that if I hadn’t noticed something strange in the photo, I wouldn’t have noticed this neck. But as soon as TikTokker shows what a Kardashian’s neck/shoulder should look like, the difference becomes striking.

Kardashian has been baffled for even stranger Photoshop failures, which you probably have no trouble believing when you think of someone from one of the most photographed families in the country, if not the world. Back in January of this year, fans noticed the fact that Kardashian probably photoshopped the True Thompson into a photo she posted with her daughter Chicago. In April, a post from Khloe Kardashian made her funny joke about the fact that her sister’s previous post had actually been edited to include True. And someone also pointed out a strange edit in a SKIMS ad featuring Kardashian.

Most of us have no idea what it’s like to have so much attention paid to our appearance, but given that Kim Kardashian is fully aware that people will take apart any image she posts, this latest accusation of botched photoshop is unlikely to stop the appearance of a bikini. billionaire businesswoman one bit.


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