Another crossroads on Twitch! Here are the details


Kevin Lin, one of the founders of the Twitch platform, announced that he left the company with his statement the other day. Thus, only one of the founding partners of Twitch remained with the company.

Twitch parted ways with another co-founder

Emmet Shear, who officially announced his departure from the company in an article he published on his personal blog on Medium, remained the only person who remained in the company from the beginning as the CEO. Lin served as chief operating officer between 2008 and 2018. Justin Kan, Kyle Vogt and Michael Seibel, who were among the co-founders before, left the company for various reasons.


Expressing that his future plans are not clear in his statement, Lin said, “I look forward to spending time with my family and loved ones, getting some sleep and relaxing, exercising and of course dealing with video games that I cannot play.” Also, Lin said, “I’m very excited to broaden my curiosity and continue to explore a world where technology is a positive empower in our lives.” Thus, he signaled that he could take part in other projects in the future.

“During his 12.5-year tenure, Kevin has been an incredible partner of me and the Twitch leadership team and has been instrumental in building our culture and business,” CEO Emmett Shear said in a statement. We are grateful to him for all his hard work and passion. We look forward to its continued contribution to the sector. ” He conveyed his good wishes by saying.

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