Another Country Added to Corona Virus Death News


After emerging in Wuhan, China, the rapidly spreading Corona virus continues to die. According to the statement from the Taiwan Ministry of Health, 1 person on the island was confirmed to have died due to the virus. In Taiwan, a total of 20 cases have been reported so far, this was recorded as the first death.

Taiwan Health Minister Chen Shih-chung reported at a press conference that the deceased did not go abroad recently and was a man with diabetes and Hepatitis B diseases. Following the confirmed news, it is also stated that concerns around the country have increased and the public has started to take more serious measures against the virus.

According to the Corona virus follow-up panel created by Johns Hopkins University System Science and Engineering Center researchers, the total number of cases currently approved is 69,267. 68 thousand 508 of these cases are in China, 72 cases in Singapore, 57 cases in Hong Kong, 43 cases in Japan , 33 cases in Thailand, 29 cases in South Korea, 22 cases in Malaysia, 20 cases in Taiwan, 16 cases in Germany and Vietnam, 15 cases in Australia and the United States, 12 cases in France, 10 cases in Macau, 9 cases in the United Kingdom, 8 cases in the United Arab Emirates Canada follows China with 7 cases, Italy, Philippines and India with 3 cases, Russia and Spain with 2 cases, Nepal, Cambodia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Egypt and Sri Lanka with 1 case.

Let’s add that one hundred 671 people died in China, one in Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, France and finally Taiwan in China. Officials are working day and night so that the great epidemic in the mainland of China does not go out of the country and ends in the country as soon as possible.

Drug studies continue to combat the virus
In the previous days, Cang Shinmin, head of the China National Biotechnology Development Center, made a statement that Chinese scientists studied about 70,000 drugs and chemical components, of which 100 were selected for testing in a laboratory setting.

The warnings by Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Health Organization President, also resonated at the 56th Munich Security Conference in Germany, which continues today. Ghebreyesus called on the government to be prepared, saying it was impossible to predict which direction the outbreak would go.


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