Another character joins the cast of Matrix 4


It has been announced that another character from the original trilogy will return for the sequel to the Matrix, which will be released in 2022. Daniel Bernhardt, who gave life to the Agent Johnson character in previous films, will also appear in the new movie.

The Matrix series, which is among the most admired film series in the world with its story leading to philosophical discussions, its acting and its magnificent world, will soon appear with its fourth film. There are still some uncertainties as to which actors from the original trilogy will be featured in the new movie. Today, it has been confirmed that an actor we saw in the original trilogy will appear in the new movie.

Actor / stuntman Daniel Bernhardt, who gave life to Agent Johnson, who we saw in The Matrix Reloaded in 2003, will also be in Matrix 4. We do not know how important Agent Johnson, who first appeared in the third film of The Matrix and who struggled against Neo at the opening minutes of the film, will appear in the new film.

At one point in the movie, our agent, thought to have been assimilated by Agent Smith’s clones, had fought Morpheus in the famous highway scene before that. In this battle scene, he drove two trucks to kill Morpheus and The Keymaker, causing an explosion.

How Agent Johnson will return to the film remains a mystery. To learn more about it, we should at least wait for the trailer to be released.

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Which players will return?

Bernhardt is not the only actor who is announced to return in the new movie. Keanu Reeves and Carrie Ann Moss in Matrix 4; Jada Pinkett Smith to the characters Neo and Trinity as in the original trilogy; Lambert Wilson for the role of Niobe; He returns to the role of The Merovingian. Unfortunately, Hugo Weaving, who gave life to the movie’s super villain, Agent Smith, will not return in the new movie.

When will Matrix 4 be released?

Matrix 4, where Lana Wachowski, one of the Wachowski brothers, will be seated again in the director’s chair, will be in theaters on May 21, 2022 if there is no delay.


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