Another blow to Trump came from YouTube


A new embargo has been added to the embargo imposed on Trump by social media giants. Following Twitter and Facebook, YouTube blocked Trump’s video uploads on his channel.

Trump won’t be able to use his YouTube account

While the social media giants such as Discord, Twitter and Facebook were debating on Trump, YouTube blocked the US President’s posts.

According to the statement made by YouTube, Trump’s video upload to his YouTube account with 2.77 million followers was blocked for at least 1 week. The statement made on YouTube’s official Twitter account is as follows:

“In accordance with our system of ongoing strikes, the channel has been blocked from uploading new videos or live broadcasts for at least seven days, and this period may be extended.”

After the social media platform Twitter announced that Donald Trump has permanently suspended his account, which he temporarily suspended, due to the events in the USA, it is a matter of wonder how this decision of YouTube will result.

Twitter, Facebook and Discord temporarily closed the US President’s accounts after pro-Trump attempts to raid the US Congress. Trump, on the other hand, had decided to establish his own social media network.


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