Another Black List News From Tether: Stable Crypto Money Fear


Another Black List News From Tether: Stable Crypto Money Fear

Stable cryptocurrencies are frequently preferred due to some advantages offered in the markets. Especially, many investors switch to stable cryptocurrencies when the sector is not trading when it is fluctuating and this provides great convenience.

Tether is the largest company in the stable cryptocurrency market. As an alternative to Tether, which comes to the agenda with serious troubles and gossip, there are many different stable cryptocurrencies. CENTER, one of them, as of yesterday had frozen the funds of an account with its own stable cryptocurrency, USDC. Shortly after that, new news came from Tether.

46 Million Dollar Fund Seized

According to reports, Tether is said to confiscate and freeze funds from 39 different Ethereum addresses, which include a total of $ 46 million USDT. As a result of these seizure and freezing transactions, the relevant accounts cannot withdraw their funds or make transactions in any way.

It is stated that Tether made these transactions within the framework of regulation rules. However, this is not a good development for investors in the cryptocurrency sector. Because, with the widespread use of such moves, it is thought that one of the main features of the crypto money sector will be cured.

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