Another Big Divide In Bitcoin Cash Network


The Bitcoin ABC development team, a key component of Bitcoin Cash, said in a statement on September 1 that they signed a very controversial update. It is stated that the update in question will be implemented on November 15 and is made to fund blockchain development.

However, this decision received so many objections and backlash from the community that it now appears that the blockchain network is split in two.

Bitcoin ABC Team Leaving

Bitcoin Cash has actually experienced similar differences before. BCH, which entered the market in 2017 as the fork of the leading crypto currency Bitcoin, then broke up in 2018. Following this, Bitcoin SV was launched and now it is certain that there will be a third split on the network.

This change, introduced on August 18, aims to collect a certain rate of tax from BCH miners. It is stated that this tax will also be used for the development of the blockchain network. Although Roger Ver initially supported this update, he gave up on it and went the other way.

It is stated that only 92% of the block rewards will go to the miners, and the remaining 8% will go to the administration as tax.

Roger Ver had harshly criticized this practice, calling it “Soviet style”.


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