ANOTHER BBC INTERVIEW? Charles Will Finally Break The Wall of Silence, Palace Insiders Reveal


Members of the royal family and their periodic high-profile interviews have always caused sharp controversy. From Princess Diana’s infamous BBC interview to the Harry and Meghan Oprah Winfrey scandal, the world often gets truth bombs on issues concerning British monarchs. Recently, King Charles has been negotiating to join the club, violating the principle of “never complain, never explain” to the royal family.

The BBC has had a long-standing strong relationship with the British monarchy since the time of the late Queen Elizabeth II. However, the critically acclaimed Netflix series “The Crown” has also shown the importance of some publications when it comes to news about the imperial family. In light of the same, King Charles may just throw another truth bomb through the BBC and destroy the family.

King Charles is preparing for an explosive interview for the BBC, perhaps in the same speech he will address Harry and Meghan.

According to The Mirror, King Charles is now preparing for a “landmark” interview after all the accusations made against the royal family in documentary series and memoirs. After all the heated arguments surrounding the family over the Duke’s accusations, this is the first time the king has publicly broken the wall of silence. An anonymous insider told the Mirror that “plans have already been drawn up to cover the coronation on the BBC.” However, the publication did not confirm anything.

King Charles may be about to break his silence about Prince Harry as he prepares to give a landmark BBC interview.

— Royal Mirror (@MirrorRoyal) January 28, 2023

However, this isn’t the first time Charles has broken the headlines with a candid interview. After divorcing his first wife, the former Princess of Wales, Lady Diana, the then Prince bared his soul in a revealing interview with Australian television in 1994. There are rumors that the slightest comments about the separated Duke and Duchess will cause excitement. Internet for a significant period of time. “Everything is delicate,” the source finally concluded.

It is reported that the coverage will take place immediately after the celebration of his coronation on May 6. Veteran Jonathan Dimbleby, a close acquaintance of Charles, may have been the presenter sitting in front of the monarch, the newspaper reports. However, everything is still questionable, since the palace still has the opportunity to simply prepare the coronation speech. They can also end up with a short film whenever they want.

Are you looking forward to the interview? What do you think the king will say about Harry and Meghan? Let us know in the comments below.


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