Another artist stole the mixtape cover design


It seems that artistic inspiration is over and a rapper has plagiarized the cover design of the J-Hope mixtape

Being a fan of BTS, Somagnews was able to find out that J-Hope was the victim of a plagiarism regarding the cover of his mixtape which, if compared, it can look completely the same, the only change is reflected in the written text.

Regarding this topic, let’s make a parenthesis. Plagiarism usually happens in the music industry, whether in the lyrics, the sound of the song and even the videos, although there is also the famous sampling, which is to take a sound beat and make a type of remix or modify it.

In Korea this is not usually that common, but there are times when the concept is very similar or for example it is given in the same names for certain songs.

But it was J-Hope who was once the victim of plagiarism, fully said, remember that the idol released his mixtape “Hope World” some time ago and someone took part of his work, and named it after him.

Plagiarized J-Hope’s work

The fact was made known some time ago through social networks, at that time ARMY demanded the illegal use of the cover of Hoseok’s solo album. Since although it is known that celebrities use the same elements, ideas or colors, this time the theft was practically total. J-Hope’s graphic art has been used by another artist named Tissue.

And it is that the rapper Tissue, the artist who stole the cover of Hobi, placed the same cover for his album “Tissues World”, which also appears on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms as part of his work.

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As expected, ARMY noticed this fact and immediately shared the photos to compare the image and indeed it is exactly the same.


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