Another affordable new 5G phone from Xiaomi


Xiaomi is preparing to add a new one to the options it offers in the Mi 10 series with its Mi 10T phone. Although all the details about the new phone are not yet clear, Xiaomi has taken action to excite the fans by sharing some information.

It is one of the first information given by Xiaomi that the Mi 10T will be a 5G phone. It is already known that at the heart of the phone will be a processor from Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 700 series. It is also not difficult to estimate the exact model of this processor.

In the post on Xiaomi’s Twitter account, it is stated that a new 5G-compatible member of the smartphone’s Snapdragon 700 series will be used. This leaves the Snapdragon 765 out of the equation. It seems highly probable that one of the first phones that Qualcomm’s new processor, which is expected to be named Snapdragon 768G, will appear, will be the Mi 10T. Qualcomm is expected to announce the Snapdragon 768G as part of IFA 2020.

Xiaomi also hints that its new phone will offer the 5G experience at an affordable price. A definition of “2xx pounds” is used for the UK price of the smartphone. This means that the device will be sold in continental Europe for less than 300 euros. Therefore, the accuracy of the “affordable 5G experience” claim can already be confirmed.

It remains unclear how Xiaomi will distinguish the Mi 10T from the Mi 10 Lite. The Snapdragon 765 processor Mi 10 Lite also makes it possible to live the 5G experience at a very affordable price.

The official announcement for Xiaomi Mi 10T will take place in September. However, the company has not yet shared a specific date for this.


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