Another 500 games are now compatible with the Steam deck


Since its release in February, Steam Deck has made a splash in the mobile games market. Now that Valve has added support for classic Nintendo controllers, not to mention that the system is suitable for Windows, it proves that it needs to be reckoned with. Of course, people want to use it mainly for games on the go. Thus, the device is compatible with thousands of items, and this number is constantly growing.

According to a recent PCGamesN report, Steam Deck has recently added 500 more games to its growing list. Valve strives to ensure that as many releases as possible are compatible with its portable device, and games are considered either “proven” or “playable”. The first means that they should work seamlessly on the soundboard, whereas the second means that they should work, but users may encounter several problems, such as a drop in frame rate. One of the latest games to be added is Spider—Man from Insomniac.

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Just a few weeks ago, the Steam deck supported 4,000 games, so things are going well in terms of creating a healthy library for people. Before the release, it was thought that it was not inferior to the Switch, but it quickly turned out that it was more than just a game console. As mentioned above, a different operating system may be installed on the Steam Deck. Thanks to its mouse and keyboard compatibility, it looks more like a mobile PC than a portable gaming system, although most probably use it for gaming.

And not only proven games. Recently, someone installed an OG Xbox emulator on the Steam Deck to play classic games like Halo and TimeSplitters 2. Emulation seems to be gaining popularity on Valve devices, and this means that even more games can be played, not just the ones the user has in his Steam profile.

Valve doesn’t have a very good track record when it comes to hardware, the likes of Steam Controller and Steam Link aren’t very popular in the industry. Nevertheless, Steam Deck is a strong contender in the mobile device market, and is also proof that the company can go beyond the comfort zone of its software and change the situation. There is even a possibility that the next system will be created, but at the moment this portable PC is certainly attracting attention.


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