Anonymous NFL Voters Weren’t Kind to Saxon Barkley


It was the distant downfall of Sakuon Barkley in the eyes of NFL management, coaches and players.

In a recent ranking of the league’s top 10 runningbacks, the former number 2 overall dropped out of the list completely just two years after taking first place.

According to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN, “coaches say he’s still trying to jump outside too often for home runs and is struggling a lot with defense.”

Ever since Barkley burst onto the scene as a rookie, injuries have really held back Barkley’s production.

Sakon continued his 1,300-yard rookie season with another 1,000-yard year. But over the next two seasons, he played a total of 15 games.

The former Penn State star made a name for himself with a backhand home run that had a blast and a wiggle to hit his head against the goalpost every time he touched the ball.

Hopefully, after a full offseason to get his body in order, Barkley will be able to return to his Pro Bowl form. But to do that, he will also need help from the Giants’ offense, which has been largely inept since 2015.