Anonymous NFL Grandmaster Reacted to Deshaun Watson’s Decision


Nick Comment / Getty Images

After it became known that Sue L. Robinson recommended that Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson be disqualified for six games, many in the NFL world were outraged by such a punishment.

And for this reason, one NDFL grandmaster believes that the league will appeal against the disqualification and try to increase this number. According to a source by Diana Russini of ESPN:

The league wants their players to meet high standards. Image is crucial to the growth of female fans. I would be surprised if the personal income tax did not apply for this reason.

A number of fans and representatives of the NDFL media pointed to the suspension of Calvin Ridley for an indefinite period immediately after Watson’s ban. Pointing out the difference in the seriousness of Watson’s claims and Ridley’s bid.

If the six-game suspension remains in effect, Watson will be able to return at the end of October for a match against the rival Ravens.

The league reportedly has until Thursday to file an appeal.


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