Anonymous leaks covid-19 data omitted by Nicaragua


Anonymous has leaked hundreds of files from the Nicaraguan Ministry of Health, which reveal a series of data on the number of covid-19 cases in the country, previously unknown to the population. The leak came after a hacker attack on the agency’s servers, carried out in mid-August.

In a post on Twitter, accompanied by the link to download the documents, Anonymous group member Lorian Synaro said that the leaked database contains more than 400 files, with a lot of information about the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the region.

According to the information leaked, the number of positive tests for covid-19 in Nicaragua in May was much higher than what was officially reported by the government. While the authorities released only 16 cases that month, the actual number reached 1,332 people with the disease.

The tendency to hide population data continued in the following months, according to the group member. At the end of July, for example, the Ministry of Health’s archives showed a total of 6,245 positive cases not publicly disclosed. Another important detail, which was in the middle of the hidden information, is the rate of positive cases per test in the country, at 56%, one of the highest in the world.

Suspected data hiding was old
Even before the data leaked by Anonymous, a group of Nicaraguan researchers, doctors, information scientists, engineers and communicators had already raised the suspicion that the government was intentionally hiding the data. They said the number of deaths from covid-19 was almost 20 times higher than reported by the Ministry of Health.

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In May and June, the local press also reported a large increase in the number of hidden burials in several locations. Meanwhile, the government led by President Daniel Ortega said that people were having pneumonia, rather than being infected with the new coronavirus.


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