Anonymous involves Naomi Campbell, Trump, Alec Baldwin, and more with Epstein case


Anonymous involves Naomi Campbell, Trump, Alec Baldwin, and more with Epstein case. Characters like Naomi Campbell, Donald Trump, Bernie Eclestone and Ivanka Trump appear on the list.

The largest hacker group in the world known as Anonymous , reappeared this Saturday with a video protesting the murder of George Floyd.

A few hours after the material was released, the group of hackers shared new publications, among which was an alleged list of personalities that are linked to the late businessman Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused of child abuse and trafficking in 2008. .

On that list are names of entrepreneurs, models, actors, and even royalty: specifically, the Duke of York, who had previously been linked to Epstein.

Donald and Ivanka Trump, former Colombian President Andés Pastrana, Naomi Cambell, Bernie Ecleston, former director of Formula 1, Alec Baldwin , in addition to highlighting the contact “Charlie Althorp”, an identity attributed to Charles Spencer, Viscount Althorp and Lady Di’s brother.

Producer Kevin Spacey, formally charged with sexual assault, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Ted and Edward Kennedy are names also on the 91-page list.

“They killed Jeffrey Epstein to cover up his story of child trafficking and rape. We have the receipts here: ”, says the publication from the account attributed to the group of hackers.

This list of contacts does not confirm that the characters included are actually related to the crimes of which Epstein was accused, however they belong to the contacts of the deceased millionaire.


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