Anonymous director talks to John Wick about crossover


Director Ilya Naishuller commented on a potential crossover between John Wick and his film Anonymous (Nobody, in the original title), starring Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul). Due to the latter’s recent success in criticism and box office, and due to similarities in the tone – violent and fun – of the two productions, the filmmaker was asked by Indiewire if the new action feature would be in the same universe as the Keanu Reeves franchise, occasion in which he said it was an improbable encounter, although he did not totally discard the idea.

For him, what would hinder a shared world is due to the fact that the two attractions belong to different studios; in this case John Wick is owned by Lionsgate, while Anonymous is owned by Universal Pictures. However, he pointed out that, in this context, similar cases in Hollywood have already proved to be a manageable situation, with the partnership between Disney and Sony being one of the examples that led Spider-Man’s participation in Marvel Studios’ productions.

“I love it when people ask, ‘Is it the same universe?’ Although I can’t confirm anything, what the public can do to get that answer is to ask themselves which studios are responsible for the films and think about the reality of them doing a crossover. Anything is possible, strange things have definitely happened, ”he said.

Naishuller also pointed out that his intention is to create a good narrative with spectacular scenes. “The protagonist is a hero who makes mistakes, bleeds and is going to get hurt. It is easier for the public to relate to an imperfect figure. It becomes more fun and at the same time more brutal ”. Such direction is already pointed out by the specialized media as a factor with the potential to renew the action genre in cinemas, through friendly characters taken to extremes.

In addition to similar elements, the two features also share another factor in common: both were written by screenwriter Derek Kolstad. In a previous interview to ComicBook, he was not interested in a big crossover between the two characters. However, if there was to be a connection between the two, I would like it to be closer to an Easter egg, by giving the example of a scene in which they could pass each other at an airport, but follow separate paths.


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