Anonymous Declares War On Bolsonaro and Hacks FIB Bank


“War is declared, and we will make you pay for your crimes,” says hacker group Anonymous, in a video directed at Jair Bolsonaro. Recently, a division of the group called EterSec declared war on the president of Brazil because of negligence in managing the covid-19 pandemic and comments considered undemocratic.

“The people you’re killing are the people you depend on,” says the video, which is running on Twitter and has taken Anonymous’s name to the most talked about topics on the social network. The production was initially published on the FIB Bank website, which was hacked by the group over the weekend.

The institution in question is being investigated in the CPI of covid because of a contract of R$ 80.7 million involving the Ministry of Health and Need Medicines, in the purchase of the Covaxin vaccine. Due to suspected irregularities in the acquisition of the immunizing agent, the contract suspended in June.

The attack on the FIB Bank website took place on Friday night (3) and replaced the website with the above video and text speech, as well as images of protests with people wearing the iconic Guy Fawkes mask. At the time of this news, the company’s portal was still down.

“Prison or pit”

During the video, members of Anonymous also call the population to protest against President Jair Bolsonaro this Tuesday, during the holiday of September 7, Brazil’s Independence Day.

“We will take to the streets to show that we want him out of government, defeated,” says the group’s video. “In his own words, there are only two options left for him: Prison or grave.”


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