Anonymous Claims To Have Leaked Data From Far Right Websites


Anonymous group members claimed to have leaked more than 180GB of data from hosting provider Epik on Monday (13). In the middle of the package, there would be information from several websites of far-right organizations, such as the Parler, 8chan, Gab and Texas GOP platforms.

According to the hacktivist collective, the set of files, which was made available for download via Torrent, contains “a decade of company data.” The information would allow tracking of ownership and management of conservative social networks and platforms, as the group claims.

As a result, Epik customer data and identities, among other confidential information, can end up in the hands of activists, researchers and anyone else interested. The provider is known for serving users who are exempt from other services, due to the sometimes illegal content disseminated by these groups.

One of the company’s customers is the aforementioned social network Parler, which was banned by Amazon, Apple and Google after the invasion of the US Capitol earlier this year. Used by followers of former US President Donald Trump, it has also gained fame in Brazil, especially among supporters of President Jair Bolsonaro.

Epik denies leakage

In a note sent to Ars Technica, a representative of the hosting provider denied the leak. “We are not aware of any violations. We take the security of our customers’ data very seriously and are investigating the allegation,” the spokesperson said.

After the company refused to acknowledge the breach of its database, Anonymous carried out a new attack on the service’s website. In response to the released statement, the group posted a sarcastic note on Epik’s support page, later removed by the provider.

As part of the action, the collective also defaced the website of the Texas GOP group, a client of the provider, which acted in the approval of a new anti-abortion law in the state of Texas (United States).


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