Anonymous Accuses Elon Musk of ‘Destroying Lives’ When Talking About Cryptocurrencies


Anonymous: The cyberactivist group Anonymous accused billionaire Elon Musk of “destroying lives” with his posts, memes and talks about cryptocurrencies. The accusation was made in a video by a man who claimed to represent the entity.

For some time now, the owner of Tesla has been making the price of digital coins vary a lot. While bitcoin has already appreciated 4% after Musk said he talked to miners, Dogecoin has already registered a drop of almost 40% after a joke on Saturday Night Live.

In the latest move in this direction, the value of bitcoin dropped about 7% last Thursday (03), after the businessman joked about an alleged “end” with the cryptocurrency. Many people understood that the speech indicated that Tesla would sell its stock of bitcoin, which is around US$ 1.5 billion (around R$ 7.5 billion at the current price).


The man, who said he was part of Anonymous, said in the video that with these jokes Musk “shows a clear contempt for the worker”. The individual said the entrepreneur takes advantage of “one of the most favorable reputations of the billionaire class.”

“It seems that your mission to save the world is more about a superiority and savior complex than a real concern for humanity. This has been obvious to your employees for a long time,” he pointed out in the video.

The self-declared cyberactivist also recalled Musk’s lines in relation to the alleged “coup” he would give in Bolivia. In July of last year, he made a joke that “we’ll take a hit on whoever we want.” The South American country has large reserves of lithium, a product used in the batteries of Tesla’s electric cars. In November 2019, the country’s president, Evo Morales, ended up resigning after charges from the military.

The original production version, which had been posted on YouTube, had garnered over 1 million views when it was taken offline. This Monday (7), one of the republications has already reached more than 125 thousand views.

Despite the release of the material, two large Anonymous profiles on social media reacted differently. While one cell with a Twitter account opened in 2011 said it had no involvement with the video, another one republished the content.